$3 Meal Deal Pre-Order Form – Tuesday 30May17

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Please note, orders will not be processed unless a membership card number is listed. A membership number will be supplied when you purchase your membership. To purchase your membership please click here or visit us at our Altona North location. *The new menu is posted after 6pm daily. Orders need to be in by 9am the next morning, in order to be processed* New Pick up & delivery times (Please note, delivery available from Tuesday to Friday) Mon - Closed Tue - 1pm to 7pm Wed - 1pm to 7pm Thu - 1pm to 7pm Fri - 1pm to 7pm Sat - 1pm to 5pm Sun - Closed

Freeze Today’s Menu Qty
Can Be Frozen Sausage Roll
Cannot be frozen Macaroni & Cheese
Can be frozen Ham & Veggie Quiche
Cannot be frozen Spaghetti Bolognaise
Cannot be frozen Vegetarian Biryani
Can be frozen Chef Special – Homemade Beef Lasagne
Can be frozen Veggie Rolls
Cannot be frozen Asparagus, Peas & Swiss Brown Mushroom Risotto
Can be frozen Tuscan Stew