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    • Cafe is located inside the Altona North Library.
    • Pickup times: Wed 2pm to 7pm; Thu - 1pm to 7pm; Fri - 1pm to 5.30pm; Sat & Sun -1pm to 5pm;
    • Multiple membership purchases must be of the same membership level; meals will be deducted from the total at the highest rate, not the lowest. i.e. purchasing 1 week and 1 month will mean all meals are charged at $5 rate, not $4 due to the complexity and time required.
    • Mon + Tue- Closed.
    • Delivery is available to specific Zones near Sunshine West and Altona North sites between Tues-Friday only. Cost for up to 10km is $7, 15km is $10.50 and up to 20km is $14. Special delivery pricing available for bulk orders.
    • Delivery Customers - Must leave an Esky or Cooler bag on the porch for food safety reasons, if not home, otherwise meals will be returned to Altona for pickup and your account will be debited. (Bulk orders are exempt, as we provide the cooler bags etc.)
Guaranteed Pre-Order and Pickup schedule below: Order Day Guaranteed Pickup day  
  • This Wednesday For Next Wednesday
  • This Thursday For Next Thursday
  • This Friday For Next Friday
  • This Saturday For Next Saturday
  • This Sunday For Next Sunday
From the 24th Sept 2017, we will be implementing a monthly rotating menu, which will be emailed to all existing members. You will now be able to plan your dinners one month in advance!
Delivery times are "Preferred Times": it is a range, varying up to 2 hrs. Deliveries Tues-Fri 2.30pm-7pm
Bulk Order (Must be ordered by Monday night)
  • V - Vegetarian
  • GF - Gluten Friendly (Not Gluten Free, may contain traces)
  • DF - Dairy Friendly (Not Dairy Free, may contain traces)
  • LIMIT 5 meals per membership, per week, so others don't miss out.
  • Freeze or not is really up to you. All meals can be frozen, chef suggestions are in the left column as "Best not frozen" or "Can be frozen"

    Thanks for your support of our meals program; you are helping make hunger in Australia a thing of the past :)

Freeze Today’s Menu Qty
Can be frozen (V) Penne Arrabbiata (spicy)
Can be frozen (GF) Roast Vegetable Risotto
Can be frozen Beef Shepherd’s Pie with Steamed Vegetables
Can be frozen Seafood Pasta Bake
Can be frozen (V) Mac and Cheese
Can be frozen (GF), (DF) Roasted Apricot Chicken Drumsticks with Oven Baked Rosemary Potatoes
Can be frozen Meat Balls with Mash Potato and Gravy
Can be frozen (V) Vegetable Curry Korma with Steamed Rice
Can be frozen Braised beef tortellini in a creamy sauce