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Save Time & Money on Your Family’s Dinner. 100% Satisfaction, Money Back Guaranteed. Tasty & Nutritious Meals prepared daily by our world class chef for only $20 per person / per week, Tue to Sat. Great selection which includes pastas, curries, stews or roasts Take home option now available, which means you can provide restaurant quality food for your family every day. Pickup from 1pm – 7.00pm Tue to Fri & 1pm to 5pm Sat . Free samples available after 1pm daily. For more info, email us at info@urcommunity.com.au or come into the restaurant located inside the Altona North Community Library, corner of Millers and McArthurs Roads, Altona North.

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Please note that the online purchase facility is for subscription customers. If you’d prefer to pay on a monthly or quarterly non-subscription basis, please visit our café and talk to one of our friendly staff.

$3 Meal Deal – Subscription Offer: Subscribe to our $3 Meal Deal online and receive a 10% discount off the normal price for monthly or 3 monthly subscriptions. Your generous support is helping us:

  1. Continue and expand the meals program
  2. Provide your family with restaurant quality nutritious meals
  3. Make food insecurity a thing of the past in Australia

Get a gift card for yourself, your family, or someone else who would appreciate the gift of restaurant quality food for:

1-week meal deal only $20

1-week meal deal with delivery $27

1-month meals only $54 (4 weeks)

3-month meals only $175 (13 weeks)

1-month meals & delivery $82 (4 weeks)

3-month meals & delivery $266 (13 weeks)

Customer Review 1: Maria Kentley‘I’m a busy stay at home mum of four young children under 8. My two youngest have Autism, so I spend a great deal of time during the day with not only the usual routine, but also with multiple medical appointments. This leaves me with very little time to cook dinner. Since I discovered the $3 Meal Deal, it has changed our lives! It’s made our evenings less stressful and given us back time with our family.’

Customer Review 2: Chris Pulikowski ‘I’m loving it! It’s convenient because I’m single and I don’t have to cook for one; and the cost is brilliant. It’s tasty and healthier than most other alternatives I’ve tried.’

Customer Review 3: Eric Prasetyo ‘Great Value. Nutritious, tasty and convenient!’

Customer Review 4: Allison Protetto ‘Wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised by the bustling café atmosphere and friendly staff. Awesome effort, so good to see Altona North leading the way in placing food security as a right not a privilege. Great coffee and tasty food, highly recommended.’

Names used with customers’ permission. Thanks guys, we really appreciate your continued support and feedback For more customer comments and feedback go to our Facebook  page

Thank you to everyone for your support and we look forward to continuing to provide the community tasty, nutritious restaurant quality meals for you and your family.

For further information, either send us an email to info@urcommunity.com.au or come into the café located at the corner of Millers and McArthurs roads, Altona North (inside the Altona North Community Library).

Example of meals being supplied

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